Single or network license

You must have a license to be able to run BIM-manager. The license is stored in a InAdire Teknik-operated server in the cloud, and the software points to that license.

You can purchase either Single-user or Network licenses of BIM-manager for Windows
Network licenses have a 5 seat minimum for initial purchase.

Single user license

Installed and used on a computer. If you have eg 4 users who need to use BIM-manager you need to buy 4 pcs single user licenses. If you want to move the license to another computer, uninstall it software on the old computer and install it on the new computer. Then activate the license on the new computer.

Network license

Installed on any number of computers, regardless of how many network licenses you have.
Users sharing a network license can work on different machines, with the maximum number of simultaneous users being the number of network licenses held for BIM-manager. When the program starts it will check this against a license server on the internet. The requirement for getting run network licenses is to have at least 5 pc of licenses in the license pool.

A license pool is created by buy 5 pcs new network licenses or by upgrading single user licenses to network licenses and thus obtain a total of at least 5 network licenses.

Free trial version

You can order a free 14 day full working trial version.


Contact support.bimmanager@cadiqsystem.se

Request a Buy or try

Step 1: Choose license type

License Information:
  • BIM-manager is typically sold as a single user license.
  • For organizations with more than 5 users, network licenses are available.
  • BIM-manager PLUS is included, free of charge, when you buy BIM-Manager
  • An existing subscription must be renewed before it expires. When a subscription has expired you must purchase a brand new singel or network license to get access to updates and/or new bridges
I want to:
Get a free 14 days single user trial version license
Buy Singel User License, 5000 SEK excl VAT per license
Buy Network License, 8000 SEK excl VAT per license
Convert a Single License to Network License, 3000 SEK excl VAT per license
Upgrade from version 1.x to 2.x, 2000 SEK excl VAT per license
Renew 1-year subscription 1300 SEK excl VAT per license (Requires a non expired existing subscription)

Step 2: Quantity


Step 3: Tekla Bridge

Select one:
TS 20.0
TS 20.1
TS 21.0
TS 21.1
TS 2016
TS 2016i
TS 2017
TS 2017i
TS 2018
TS 2018i
TS 2019
TS 2019i

Step 4: Subscription


Step 5: Tell us a bit about yourself

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VAT number is required for all E.U. countries.
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